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CND Nail's Colors & Effects

CND (Creative Nail Design) has come out with amazing complimentary nail color called Color & Effects, their rich, creme nail colors paired with Effect layer that changes the look of your nail color a little or a lot. CND offers 50 Creme Colors and 15 Effects which come in three groups:

Pearls - fine opalescent pearl
Shimmers - a more dramatic
Sparkle - a super flash mica sparkle suspended in clear nail Colour

CND describes the Colours as the clothes and the Effects as the accessories, the best part is you can mix and match the colors and effects how ever you want which in turn gives you a vast amount of nail colors. One of the effect I tried was Teal Sparkle - a bluish green effect that creates a chic day-to-night manicure

Teal Sparkle is actually the perfect companion to CND's Desert Oasis, a spruce creme color made part of a limited edition duo called Night Factory - a denim-look manicure which was seen on the runways of Fashion Week.

The color I used under Teal Sparkle is Desert Suede, an opaque nude creme with a slight pinkish tone which i absolutely love. I don't find too many nudes that I like on me but this is a definite favorite.

The effect gave a nice noticeable shine to Desert Suede, a great boost of well, sparkle

Unfortunately you can't see it in the photo, but the teal shimmer really pops in several different levels of lights. This final look actually fits perfectly into what we can expect from CND in the Spring 2011. CND Co-founder and Style Director, Jan Arnold, sees "Ethereal, femme manicures in opaque porcelain, shimmery finishes, dark blues, grays and reds eill be the "it" looks this spring".


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