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Nailcare - NeoStrata Hand and Nail Cream

I love trying new nail polishes and in a week, I can change my polish seven times. While its fun to do so, I sometimes forget that this practice can damage my nails and unfortunately I haven't been very good at taking care of my nails. Fortunately, Glasgow from My life on and off the Guestlist noticed this and gifted me with a terrific moisturizer that is healthy for both my hands and nails - NeoStrata Hand and Nail Cream.

NeoStrata is "designed to moisturize, condition and soften hands and cuticles while reducing the visible signs of aging on dry, sun-damaged hands. Fragrance-Free and hypoallergenic. Formulated with 8% Gluconolactone, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5."

One 1.75 oz tube of NeoStrata retails for $19.50 and can be purchased on This product should work wonderfully because lord knows I need some help with my cuticles and I am a bit afraid of going to a nail salon to get them cut and possibly get an infection - yes this is a real fear for me. That is why I've always done my nails but sometimes I forget maintenance.

Below is a photo of my hands and nails after second use (my nails are bare here - no bottom or top coat - just NeoStrata). I must also state that NeoStrata has been amazing in keeping my hands continusously soft and supple even after exposure to the ferociously cold NYC winds.

I look forward to younger looking hands and diminished cuticles.


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