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Beyonce Heat Solid Perfume Ring

I know my previous posts have only been on nail polish but since, like nails, rings are another form of hand decoration, I'd say covering it makes perfect sense.

Beyoncé Heat is described as a sensual, sexy, and sophisticated fragrance for the modern woman. The fragrance is available in a 3.4oz EDP Spray, 1.7oz EDP Natural Spray, 1oz Natural Spray, 6.7oz Body Lotion and of course the Solid Perfume Ring - on set with the trend of perfume jewelry and a natural product for for hit song, "Single Ladies".

This limited edition solid perfume comes hidden in a ruby-colored cocktail ring. The ring itself is an attention getter as the stone is quite rich in color and set against a cool gold metal finish - perfect for anyone with an outgoing personality. It also comes encased in an adorable mini black pouch with an embossed gold metal B on the zipper. This solid perfume/ring makes a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who is already a fan of the Beyonce Heat fragrance (but doesn't want to tote around an full bottle of the fragrance) and of course cocktail rings.

I decided to let the ring stand on its own beauty, so I am wearing Sally Hansen's Pink Slip from the Complete Salon Manicure line on my nails.

The Beyonce Heat Solid Perfume Ring retails for $35.00 and can be purchased at Macy's (this hot item is sold out on Macy' as I'm typing this, so a personal visit will definitely have to be made).


  1. hey hun, I think you made a type, you said the ring retails for 535.

    the ring is uber sexy!!


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