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Sally Hansen Introduces NEW ManiMatch App!

Imagine if you can see how a new nail polish color looks on your nails before you buy it? Imagine not getting stuck with a color you end up not liking? Thanks to Sally Hansen, and the launch of their new ManiMatch mobile app. with this amazing new app, you can try on the rainbow of over 200 Sally Hansen nail polish shades in real time, on your nails, before you buy.

A simple scan of the your hand with any smartphone enables you to instantly try out and select your favorite nail colors. There’s no need to upload any photos or enter any info, because the app works in real time. The ManiMatch mobile app also generates personalized-for-you-skin-tone color suggestions on demand thanks to its cutting-edge, proprietary technology. The app senses and analyzes the pigments in your hand, then matches its polish-shade suggestions that are flattering to your skin.

Choosing the perfect shade is both the most fun and the most difficult aspect of shopping for nail color; while some stores usually provide testers, many factors including lighting, what you're wearing, and even how many coats you put on can affect how a nail color looks on your hand. ManiMatch changes all that with their pre-shopping experience that has always frustrated nail color shoppers, transforming the process into a moment of discovery, excitement and pleasure. “The app is addictive; everyone who tries it can’t stop herself from checking out more options,” says Jeremy Lowenstein, Sally Hansen Global Marketing Vice President. “The fact that you see exactly how a color will look on your own hands is just pure fun—and incredibly useful. People end up experimenting with shades they’d never normally try.”

The launch of this app coincides with the release of the new Miracle Gel® Top Coat and new fashionable shades. The app is available for download for free on iOS platforms now and will be available on Android devices later this fall. ManiMatch is poised to revolutionize nail color shopping, both in store and online. Sally Hansen will host a kick-off consumer event in NYC to introduce the app. The first users to share the experience with a friend will have a chance to become the next Sally Hansen hand model for Sally Hansen social media tagging @Sally_Hansen on Instagram using the #ManiMatch hashtag.


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