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Sally Hansen Ultra HD Hi-Definition Nail Colors

While shopping at Duane Reade for dishwashing liquid, I ventured into beauty department to see what I've been missing and perhaps treat myself to something. I'm so happy I did because I picked up three polishes in some amazing colors - one from Sally Hansen and two from Sinful Colors. I'll be talking about the Sally Hansen in this post (as I will be wearing it starting tonight)


The Ultra HD Hi-Definition Nail Colors are actually available in eight colors (even though only seven are completely visible - the Resolution (green) is hidden because they had no shelf space. Anyway, a little more about this collection:
  • A patented formula with Real Liquid Crystals for Multi Dimensional Color and Iridescent Shine
  • Comes in (left to right) - Spectrum (turquoise with pale blue glitter), Laser (a duochrome iridescent blue and purple), DVD (a sheer bluish purple), Resolution (green with hints of blue and gold shimmer flecks), Hue (an iridescent lemon yellow), Wavelength (a duochrome of iridescent pink and orange), LCD (a vibrant glitter pink but I don't remember anything particular about it) and Byte (a duochrome pink and purple glitter). 
  • Retails for $5.99
  • Available at Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens and other drugstores
As for the color I purchased, it was Laser, the duochrome iridescent blue and purple

 It's very difficult to tell in this photo but it does flash iridescent purple in most lights (I guess not in my apt). The photo on the left is with a camera flash and the one on the right is without)


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