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Coty Now Owns OPI

Coty Inc., which currently owns a massive amount of fragrance, skincare and nail care companies has added another gold nugget to its vast mine. Ladies (and a few gentlemen), Coty now owns OPI. This deal comes on the heels of Coty's purchase of skin care brand Philosophy.

I stopped mid track while getting dressed this morning when I heard this on 1010Wins and couldn't help but look at my nails and wonder - what's in store for my darling nails? How does this affect such collaborations such as Sephora for OPI, will the $9 retail pricetag for OPI be reduced, etc. I almost chocked when they said the deal cost Coty about $1 Billion - wow!!

Well, it seems like Coty is taking over the beauty world and definitely not slowly, it's like they're buying a new company every week - funny thing is, they are working on acquiring another. So, um, excuse me while I go research creating a beauty business.


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