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Tat’z Nail’z™ Revolutionizes the Nail Industry w/ Photo-Quality Digital Nail Art

Ready for the next big things in nails? We were excited when nail polish strips and stickers launched, intrigued when cuticle tattoos made their debut and now this latest, revolutionary nail product, Tat’z Nail’z™, has us incredibly excited. We all love eye-catching nail art, but let's face us, not all of us are blessed with a steady hand, or even an artistic eye to create amazing nail art designs, but thanks to Tat’z Nail’z Image System, you need not worry about those issues anymore.

Tat'z Nail'z's Image System is taking nail art and nail salons to the next level with its revolutionary image system. With Tat'z Nail'z™, you can print any image, design, or logo on any nail, artificial or natural. In only fifteen minutes, with prep and top coat application, a set of Tat'z Nail'z can be complete. We can already imagine this cutting nail art manicures in half, especially when it comes to backstage beauty during New York Fashion Week, and of course your bi-weekly visit to the nail salon. If you are a salon owner, each system can be purchased for permanent placement or can be purchased with a purchase plan for as low as $259.00 per month with unlimited design potential.

Each Tat'z Nail'z System is installed with pre-programmed with 300 designs and each design has 10 color options for a total of 3,000 pre-installed prints, patterns, and colors. It allows you to print your own digital images on your nails, thanks to its built-in camera, allowing you to capture moments and transfer them into wearable art. It's easy to use the Tat'z Nail'z image system; begin with application of a Tat'z Nail'z base coat and pre-printed lacquer to protect the nail’s surface. Next, with one finger placed inside the machine, a design is chosen and printed, and a top coat of your choice applied.

For those of you who prefer to have their on personal Tat’z Nail’z at home, they do have petite imager for the consumer, which retails for $2,250.00 each, and is a special order item that weighs 15lbs! If your budget isn't quite ready for that, you can simply Create Your Own nails through their website. Choose one of their pre-loaded designs or upload your own photos/designs for $15.00 a set.


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