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You Want Wet Paint Nails

If you love Shellac nails but don't like what it does to your wallet then you'll love the gorgeous colors of Wet Paint Nails.

I put this wonderfully super glossy nail polish to the test with amazing results - I'm talking unpacking moving boxes, heavy duty cleaning, etc which resulted in several broken nails but not chipped polish it loss of shine. My nails (excluding length) looked just as glossy and fab as the day I first applied it two weeks ago. It's hard to believe that these photos look this good after all that time but it just goes to show you how amazing Wet Nails are. I must note that I only used a base coat, there is no top coat and look how glossy my nails still are.

Another note about Wet Paint Nails - the polishes are not very thick, in fact the colors go on quite sheer which is perfect if you want Syrup nails or if you want to layer one color over another. Wet Paint Nails is actually designed so you can create your own custom color by layering a glaze color over a base color.

  • Simply select your desired color from the Color Creation Wheel. Follow the steps to create your custom nail colors:
  • Choose your base color - bold or pastel
  • Then your glaze color
  • You can stop with this creation or pump it up by adding a Special Effect
  • Watch as the color changes before your very eyes! It's that easy. You now have a unique color that you created!
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