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Knitting Chic Nails

Good morning!!

I love to knit. It's calming and focusing. For someone who attention span is as short a my pinkie nail, knitting does wonders for me. I mostly make hats, scarves and baby items. Some things are more complicated and require tons of focus while others can be done in less than an hour. All bring equal amounts of joy.

I started knitting in primary school (middle school for my fellow Americans). I found a book in the village library and taught myself. We would make knitting pins out of the hard but flexible spine of coconut tree branches. The first thing I made was a pair of baby booties. White yarn with silver mixed in. Our dolls ended up having a ton of hats; those were really easy to make because they were mistakes made from not being able to keep a circle flat :) I stopped knitting when I became a teen. You know how that goes...

One day, I was on a little weekend getaway  in Solvang, CA and while walking around the town, wandered into a knitting store. Lets just say that after walking out of there with 4 skeins of yellow yarn and size 8 needles to make a scarf, my stash has grown considerably since.

This mani 's nail art design is an ode to my knitting skills.

Colours Used:

Essence the gel: miss captain


  1. Love this colour! Unfortunately, I`m not good at manicure. To keep my nails looking nice, I visit my fav spa nail salon . My nails look awesome for 3-4 weeks without any chipping.


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