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*UPDATE: The Test of Time: CND VINYLUX® Weekly Polish

Hello Lovelies! There's nothing nicer than walking up to the door and seeing a package waiting for you. Ouuuuuuu, what have we got here? Nail mail!!! I opened the box to find four lovely shades of CND VINYLUX® Weekly Polish and one VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat. (rubs hands together).

L to R: Top Coat, 159 Dark Dahlia, 145 Scarlet Letter, 112 Electric Orange, 171 Cerulean Sea

VINYLUX® Weekly Polish is a breakthrough polish that endures a week of fashion perfection...without a base coat! Exposure to natural light activates the patent-pending ProLight Technology™ to deliver week-long wear. While ordinary polishes break down over time, VINYLUX®Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable!

Lets just say V is for vivacious. Talk about bold! And the shine you get with these colours is amazing. And no UV light?! What?! The neon (think caution cone) orange was a bit hard to apply; it took three coats to make it opaque, but it was worth it. I loved the result. The purple is very deep and looks black on. Very Goth.

Colours Used:
Electric Orange with Dark Dahlia stripes

So it's supposed to last an entire week without chipping. Experiment time! I'll wear these for seven straight days and see what happens. Will my nails survive the week without chipping? Will I survive one week without doing my nails? Let's find out.


After a tortured week of not being able to do my nails, I am amazed at how resilient this polish is! CND lives up to it's promise! My nails actually grew really quickly in that time. Apart from the usual typing all day situation, I really beat my hands up this week (emptying out my entire bathroom, for example) and, apart from the wear on the tips, there were NO chips. The one on my right thumb? I actually did that. Bad habit; I pick at it. Removal is a breeze - regular remover, and it comes right off. It's amazing!!! I can't wait to get more of these. They would be perfect for going on a long trip.

CND® VINYLUX® Weekly Polish retails for $10.50 per bottle at select salons, CND Vinylux,, and

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Get the Look: NYFW's Must Have Nails

Nails spanned the spectrum from muted nudes, to dark and dramatic on the runways of NYFW the Shows. As someone who changes her nail polish as often as her mind, it's essential to have the freedom to change my nail color without harming my nailbeds, especially if I want to recreate some of the hot nail art and color trends that debuted during fashion week.

If you're looking for a nail polish brand that gives you access to the latest must-have colors and provides organic, chemical-free polishes that will keep you on trend and is gentle on your nails, get to know the luxury nail polishes and treatments from Lauren B. Two Lauren B nail colors we're especially drawn too, they also happen to be right on trend this fall, are Hollywood Royalty, and Nude No. 2.

The breathtaking Hollywood Royalty is a shimmering, inky purple with a hint of gold whose velvety tones are sure to have your nails glistening day and night.

The pretty pale Nude No. 2 is a creamy eggshell color with a hint of blush that's completely flattering to all skin tones. It may be the perfect nude.

Lauren B. Beauty Nail Colors are available for $18 each at

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Hippie Chic: Tie Dye Mani

Flower Child Forever!

Hello Lovelies,

As a product of the 70s I like to embrace my innate bohemian spirit. Presenting my tie-dye mani in puuuuurple, one of my absolute fave colours! Yes, I love purple and I also love ikat, so I wanted to marry each other, that is.  I grabbed a couple of purples and pinks and a thin brush and here is their love child:

The left hand is mostly tie-dye with one purple accent and the right, the opposite.

This mani is  super easy to do. Put a drop of each polish onto a plastic or glass tray, or even a piece of paper for easy clean up. Then use the skinny brush to apply uneven jagged lines of each colour close to each other. Finish with your fave top coat. I sealed with a coat of Seche Vite.

Colours used (clockwise from top):

Sinful Colors - 1007 Lavender
NYC In A New York Minute - 264 Union Sq Lavender
essence the gel - 52 amazed by you 
Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy - 400 Royal Flush

Try it! Go crazy with the colours! Have a blast.
Love and Peace, darlings!

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Abstract Nail Art

Or is it just dropping blobs of nail paint everywhere and hoping for something cool? That's what I did for this abstract watercolor nail art. A stroke of the nail polish brush, any random directon, or not, a skinny brush dipped in acetone, then a flick of the wrist to smudge the paint and voila. Everyone can be an artist!

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you've been having a spectacular, albeit hot week. I need to work on my abstract skills but it's fun to practice. Tell me, what you think of today's mani?

Colours used from l to r:

Essence the gel: 40 play with my mint, 30 let's get lost, 27 don't be shy, 52 amazed by you, 9 lucky
Zoya - Tasha

Happy weekend, darlings!

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Summer May be Ending but the Beach Still Beckons

Hello Lovelies!

Anyone else feeling like the Wicked Witch of the West this week? Because I am meeelllltiiiiiing. Everyone is crying out "goodbye to summer" already. I'm not! And the weather sure isn't, judging from the high range temps on both the east and west coasts. When I want to cool down, I close my eyes and recall memories of Caribbean vacations filled with dip after ocean dip and very frozen Pina Coladas. This latest mani can attest to the fact that blue waters and waves are very much on my mind.

I used all essence the gel: 30 let's get lost40 play with my mint and 33 wild white ways and a semi-dry brush technique to create this look.

Stay cool, darlings!

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Funky French Tips

Hello Lovelies,

I have caught the negative space bug big time! After my last mani, A Little Space Never Hurt, I fell so in love with the clean simple look of the sliver of bare nail peeking through colour, that I decided to do it again. Only this time, I bared a little more ;D

Armed once again with striping tape, I dipped into my Zoya stash for Caitlin, which is the creamy purple-gray, which I contrasted with an accent nail in 27 Don't Be Shy from Essence The Gel line. The vibrant neon green paired exquisitely with the smoky Caitlin. I couldn't get enough of this mani. I probably walked around with my nails up so everyone could see it
Zoya Caitlin and essence the gel don't be shy

Happy Labor Day weekend!!! Be safe and enjoy

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A Little Space Never Hurt...

Negative space that is!! Hello Lovelies,

A few weeks ago I dropped in at Ulta and scored a major haul of Essence The Gel polishes. They do not require a UV lamp. They come in the cutest little bottles and at $2 each, well...erm...lets just say I've sorta banned myself from going there for a little while.
I adore purples, reds, oranges and pinks and was dying to crack open these cute teeny bottles so for this negative space mani I pulled the 47 va-va-voomI wanted something simple and I had recently bought some striping tape that I wanted to experiment with, so I grabbed the packet.


va-va-voom, gel base & top coats
The creamy coral is just plain yum. What I love about these is the brush is nice and wide. I got the coverage I wanted in one coat and the colour dried to glossy perfection. I think the result was quite adorable. I know I will be using these a ton!  

The Haul

Happy Hump Day, Darlings!

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