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Coty Now Owns OPI

Coty Inc., which currently owns a massive amount of fragrance, skincare and nail care companies has added another gold nugget to its vast mine. Ladies (and a few gentlemen), Coty now owns OPI. This deal comes on the heels of Coty's purchase of skin care brand Philosophy.

I stopped mid track while getting dressed this morning when I heard this on 1010Wins and couldn't help but look at my nails and wonder - what's in store for my darling nails? How does this affect such collaborations such as Sephora for OPI, will the $9 retail pricetag for OPI be reduced, etc. I almost chocked when they said the deal cost Coty about $1 Billion - wow!!

Well, it seems like Coty is taking over the beauty world and definitely not slowly, it's like they're buying a new company every week - funny thing is, they are working on acquiring another. So, um, excuse me while I go research creating a beauty business.

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Sinful Colors is Wild About Holiday - Part 2

Here we are on the another Holiday Gift set from Sinful Colors. This set called It's Holidays with Holiday Color Nail Art and includes five shades of nail polish and three shades of nail art, each retailing for $1.99 each. I got a chance to try two of the Nail colors and the three nail art shades.

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Color Play - SEPHORA by OPI Already Famous

While taking advantage of Sephora's recent VIB Event, I happened upon this interesting metallic Champagne with a lot of shimmer called Already Famous, from Sephora by OPI's Rocker Chic Collection (shown below).

Already Famous is described as a sheer pewter with medium champagne and silver glitter. Funny enough, it looks different in the bottle than on my nails. As you can see with the first photo (with no flash), it looks more like a frosty gold and in the second photo (with flash), its a glorious pewter and you can really see the silver glitter (which must be micro glitter).

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Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pens

It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on the newest gems from Sally Hansen - The Color Quick Chrome Pens.

I only got five but these fast drying metallic nail colors come in eight fabulous shades (shown in order in photo - last three not shown): Fuchsia Chrome Frost, Green Chrome Frost, Gold Chrome Frost, Purple Chrome Frost, Silver Chrome Frost, Turquoise Chrome Frost, Red Chrome Frost and Pink Chrome Frost. These travel friendly colors will keep your mind at ease when toting your fave colors to the salon for your manis (I've had a few disastrous handbag accidents due to nail polish bottles opening up).

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Color Play - Sinful Colors Mini w/ Stripe design

So after reviewing the Sinful Colors Wild About Color Holiday Set, I decided to experiment and practice my design capabilities. It's no where near a "Next Great Artist" design but its cute and I think I did a good job at keeping a steady hand. Anyway, I used the Deep Wine Mini from the Sinful Colors Wild About Holiday Set, along with the Sinful Colors Nail Art in White (Which is also for Holiday and which I will review next) - consider this a preview

Funny enough (or maybe its just the lighting), the deep wine looks much more chocolately under the white stripes which is perfect because I thought the white would be too stark against a chocolate polish.

What do you think of it?

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Sinful Colors is Wild About Holiday - Part 1

Sinful Colors has introduced three festive sets for the holiday season. Each set is filled with colors to fill you with the holiday spirit. Some will make you joyful while others will put you in a mistletoe kind of mood. I will feature each set individually starting with the set surely to put you in the party mood - Wild About Color


This mini kit includes five twinkling shades in an adorable mini tote which would make a perfect stocking stuffer for any nail polish addict. And while some individual nail polishes cost up to $9.00 per bottle, this gorgeous set of five colors, which will take you from Christmas to New Years, will retail for a mere $4.99. Now lets talk color shall we. Please note, none of these have names as they are minis but hopefully at least some will be added to the main line.

The above deep wine is both creamy and sparkling at the same time - the deep shine doesn't come from glitter, it seems to have an inner gleam.

This vivacious candy apple red basically speaks for itself. Its rich, deep and bold. A perfect color for any holiday party.

This sheer glitter gold is just a clear polish loaded with gold glitter. Its a great way to add shine and shimmer to any color.

My favorite color from this mini kit, this metallic steel Grey beauty is a duo chrome with purple and blue iridescence shinning through.

Last but certainly not least is this emerald joy, loaded with shimmer. It's great alone or as an accent color (great to use if you're doing an ornament design on your nails - mine didn't come out so great - I'm still working on my steady hand).

Sinful Colors is available at major stores and mass market stores nationwide such as Walgreens, Select Targets, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, etc.

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New Nail Polish Shades from American Apparel

American Apparel, who only launched their nail collection last year, introduces 12 new cool nail colors inspired by what else - Los Angeles.

The new American Apparel Nail Polish, are named after things very close to the heart of the brand, such as the neighborhoods where the company opened its first stores Echo Park and MacArthur Park, Army Jacket and Trenchcoat are inspired by their iconic garments. the other colors include Cameo Blue, Rouge, Mannequin, Port, Raccoon, Cocoa, Make Up, and African Violet.

The nail polish is toluene and formaldehyde-free, a bottle retails for $6 but you can grab a 3 pack for $15, or 7 pack for $32 and is available at all American Apparel Stores or online at

"Nail polish is our favorite category for exploring color. We planned on releasing only six new shades, but we felt so strongly about all of these that we decided to release a full dozen. It's difficult to pick a favorite--they all complement wardrobes in different ways. We can't wait to see the looks people create with them," said Marsha Brady, a creative director for American Apparel.

I haven't tried the colors yet but i am very curious to do so, the colors all look like yummy creamsicles. I especially want to try Army Jacket, a greyish-green similar to split pea soup - my favorite.

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LAQA & Co. Nail Lacquer Pens

I love finding innovative nail products and colors and thanks to Glasgow (and Red Light PR), I have found a fantastic combination of the two; great, creamy color in an unusual form - a pen. Introducing LAQA & CO. Nail Pens, "a range of bright, high gloss nail lacquers in a pen. They work just like a real pen, only these pens let you quickly and neatly do your nails anywhere in a few clicks."

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New Purchase - Sephora by OPI's Already Famous

Sephora had a V.I.B event today and being a V.I.B (I have over 1000 points), I had to check it out. I was sent an invite with me and a friend to enjoy 20% off our purchases, Godiva chocolates, Holiday makeup lessons and a free Sephora Collector's Tote (it greatly saddens me to say that we missed out on the tote because they ran out - and we went to two Sephora locations). Though I missed out on all the great things being offered, I did pick up a great new nail color - Sephora by OPI's Already Famous

As you can see int he above photos (first photo is without a flash and the second is with flash) the color is a metallic nude. Sephora describes it as a "sheer pewter with medium champagne and silver glitter". I can't wait to try it.

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Twilight's Ashley Greene Rocks mark. Nail Polish

Twilight's Ashley Greene has been named as mark. Cosmetics's Brand Ambassador and she made an appearance on mark.'s new Inside the mark.Studio which was shown live on mark.'s Facebook page.

After her interview, she did a few interviews and photos and this allowed for the awesome shots of her and her nails (shown below)


I was told that her nail polish is by mark. and it's a new Spring 2011 Duo. From the photo, it looks like a pearlized Vanilla (I may be wrong). I wasn't given the name or the exact launch date but hopefully I will have that information soon.

Until the next......

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Color Play - Sinful Colors's UFO

I'm so excited to try Sinful Colors's UFO and tonight's the night. I've done most of the weekly prepping work - evening out uneven or chipped nails, then smoothing out my nail bed. I actually love to brag about my nail file because it's glass and is decorated with Swarovski Crystals (how girly, yes I know). I also applied a wonderful base coat - Nutra Nail's Brittle Nail Strengthening Base Coat. I use this base coat because I tend to talk with my hands a bit dramatically and always end up hitting one or the other hand and breaking a nail or two (as you can see one nail is much shorter than the others) so I must be prepared. I applied two coats.

Now on to the gorgeous UFO. I'm going to do this in coats, the first photo will be one coat, the next two and so on. The color is so pale, I shot it against white to pop. So here goes UFO after one coat:

 As you can see, the clear nail polish is actually tinted orange with multiple colored glitter. I see iridescent pink, blue, green, silver, etc. The next photo is UFO after two coats:

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Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover

If you're like me and love having healthy nails, then you're going to love this nail Polish remover from Dazzle Dry. And if you're a nail polish blogger, like me who has to try several different colors, then this polish remover is perfect for you as it can be used everyday without damage.

The Dazzle Dry Lemongrass Nail Polish Remover has Lemongrass and clove essential oils which provides a healthy and moisturized nail bed. It also has a clean fresh scent and anti microbial properties. This baby takes off the toughest nail polish (hello Glitter!!) without drying your nails and cuticles.

An 8oz bottle retails for $10.50 and can be purchased at

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Giveaway - Borghese Bellini Peach & Manic Panic Mirror Mirror

Since I'm new I figured I'd do a giveaway of some of the nail care products I don't use. I will begin with nail polish this time. So here goes, I will begin with nail polishes. One lucky winner will win two polishes, first is Borghese's Bellini Peach, a pearlized peachy pink and Manic Panic's Mirror Mirror, a clear polish packed with colored glitter (gold, purple, green, red and blue)

To enter just do the following:

  1. leave a comment on your love for nail polish
  2. follow this blog
  3. follow me on twitter - @polishexchange

Winner will be chosen on Tuesday, November 16th.

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My Next Color - Sinful Colors's UFO

I'm really excited for the next color i'll be trying. It's Sunful Colors's clear nail polish jammed packed with Orange glitter (or that's what it looks like in the bottle) - UFO

It's so pretty and is it my imagination bu do I see slight hints of pink in there? Maybe a little pink iridescence? We'll see

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Women of the Year Nail Polish

As I write this, there is a ceremony going on hosted by Glamour Magazine, which celebrates the women who have done amazing things this year. Now since we women love nail polish, Glamour has partnered with L'Oreal to create a limited edition nail polish - a "bold polish for brilliant women everywhere".

The Woman of the Year Nail Polish in honor of the twentieth anniversary of Glamour's Women of the Year Awards which honor notable women of achievement. The color is a rich bordeaux. $3 of every bottle sold on will go to support the efforts of this year's Women of the Year Fund Honoree, Dr. Hawa Abdi.* For nearly 20 years, Dr. Abdi has made it her mission to provide food, shelter and medical care to women and children escaping from violence in Somalia. To learn more about Dr. Abdi's inspiring story, visit or

*except in the following states: AL, IL, MA, ME, SC and HI. This product will be sent via ground mail only.

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Sally Hansen Ultra HD Hi-Definition Nail Colors

While shopping at Duane Reade for dishwashing liquid, I ventured into beauty department to see what I've been missing and perhaps treat myself to something. I'm so happy I did because I picked up three polishes in some amazing colors - one from Sally Hansen and two from Sinful Colors. I'll be talking about the Sally Hansen in this post (as I will be wearing it starting tonight)


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Borghese Scintillare Collection

I've never been afraid of color. Especially when it comes to my nails (and shoes), infact the weirder, the better. That doesn't mean I never get in the mood for a pretty pink or vibrant red...not at all. As I state in my bio, I have no restriction to colors.

With that said, this blog will showcase my love for nail polishes, my love of them, my abundance of them. I will start with some glitter polishes I recently received from the company who's skincare division I work for - Borghese. Now I'm not writing about them first because I work for them, I just happened to be wearing a color from Borghese's newest collection - The Scintillare Collection (which means the sparkle collection). Tomorrow will be a post on a Sally Hansen purchase.

Out of the six colors you see above, there was only one I didn't like and that was because I just didn't like the color on me. Anyway, I took some swatches (forgive the rush job on some) of the colors. These were all done inside with a flash. The says just happened to be sucky weather days when I did these polish changes. Let me know which you like best. Also note, these colors (witht he exception of the Nero Black and Scintilla Magic were matte so I added two coats of the Borghese topcoat)


I pretty much loved everything witht he exception of the gold....I felt it looked too tacky on me but I've seen it on other people and its looked great and they loved it. As far as the Borgese brush goes, many people have complained about it being wide but I'm ot sure if I'm just used to it but it worked fine by me.

Until the next...

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