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A Little Space Never Hurt...

Negative space that is!! Hello Lovelies,

A few weeks ago I dropped in at Ulta and scored a major haul of Essence The Gel polishes. They do not require a UV lamp. They come in the cutest little bottles and at $2 each, well...erm...lets just say I've sorta banned myself from going there for a little while.
I adore purples, reds, oranges and pinks and was dying to crack open these cute teeny bottles so for this negative space mani I pulled the 47 va-va-voomI wanted something simple and I had recently bought some striping tape that I wanted to experiment with, so I grabbed the packet.


va-va-voom, gel base & top coats
The creamy coral is just plain yum. What I love about these is the brush is nice and wide. I got the coverage I wanted in one coat and the colour dried to glossy perfection. I think the result was quite adorable. I know I will be using these a ton!  

The Haul

Happy Hump Day, Darlings!


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