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Fall Head Over Heels for Red Carpet Manicure This Valentine's Day

Whether you love or love-to-hate Valentine's Day, Red Carpet Manicure offers both flirty and non-conformist Valentine’s Day looks. For those who love all things love, try a classic heart manicure and for you anti-Valentine's Day, nothing shows that message more than a black mani.

Flirty Nail Art

1. First, apply prep and structure. Then cure.
2. Next apply three coats of “White Hot” curing after each coat.
3. Using an RCM dotting and marbling tool, create a “dot” outline in the shape of a heart using “Leading Lady”, and then cure.
4. Using shades such as “Take A Bow”, “Ooo La Liscious”, “Leading Lady”, “Red Carpet Reddy”, and “In Style”, fill in the heart with dots of various sizes. Cure after every few hearts to prevent colors from blending.
5. Add a few flakes of silver or gold glitter for depth.
6. Lastly, apply "Brilliance" and cure.

Anti-Valentine’s Day

1. First, apply prep and structure. Then cure.
2. Next apply two coats of “Black Stretch Limo” curing after each coat.
3. Lastly, apply Brilliance and cure.

Which side of the Valentine's Day spectrum do you fall on and which mani will you be rocking?


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