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Sally Hansen Launches Magnetic Nail Color and Facebook App/Contest

Hey my fellow nail polish fiends, some very interesting news today. Sally Hansen has created a Magentic Nail App/contest on their Facebook page. We all know the magnetic trend is just so hot right now and since Sally Hansen is always so on point with nail trends, this was a given.


1. Register your name, e-mail and username on Sally Hansen's Facebook App:

2. Visit the Instagram app, snap a photo of your nail art and include #GetMagnetic into the caption

3. Show the "Love!" for your favorite nail art photos on the Facebook App:

The contest ends on 9/17 and the grand prize is $1000!

Create a gorgeous 3D nail art effect in just seconds using these Sally Hansen magnetic polishes. This unique formula has been specially developed with metallic particles to create a pattern on the nail using magnetic forces. As the magnet is held over the nail, the iron filings in the formula gravitate toward the magnet forming the pattern/design secretly hidden in the magnet for an astonishing finish!

AVAILABLE SHADES: Ionic Indigo, Red-y Response, Kinetic Copper, Silver Elements, Golden Conduct, Electric Emerald, Graphite Gravity, Polar Purple 

Each Magnetic Nail Polish retails for  $9.99 and is available at Drugstores nationwide.


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