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OPI's Shatter Blues

A quick trip to Duane Reade gave me a bit of a surprise. I've been purposely staying away from Sephora because unlike me, my money doesn't make it out of there. Which is why I thought I was safe at Duane Reade but lo and behold, as soon I as climbed up the escalator, I spotted these gemtoned beauties

They are Shatter Turquoise, Shatter Navy and Shatter Blue. The turquoise and blue may look similar but that's because of the flash, you can see the difference in the photo with no flash above and in the side by side photo below

The Shatter Turquoise also looks like a perfect dupe for the Pure Ice Strike a Pose I very recently purchased (see it again below) but closer inspection shows the OPI has more green.

Trying not to buy more nail polishes is getting more and more difficult, its definitely a losing battle.


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