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Green with Envy

Lately I've been very drawn to green nail polish, specifically odd green nail polish, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites from this latest obsession. With that being said, I present to you some of my not so green-greens

Borghese Euro Green (indoors without and with flash)

A coppery metallic antique gold-green with green multi-colored micro glitter- sometimes it looks brown, sometimes the black base really shines.

Borghese Rapido Limoncello (indoors without and with flash)

Though it tends to look more yellow than green, it is infact a a green. Best described as a sort of mustard green.

Inglot #318 (indoors without flash)

This beautiful metallic mint green with slight yellow is super sheer, so 3-4 coats is best. It's great for water marbling

Inglot #138 (indoors without and with flash)

Though some might think its a dupe to Borghese's Euro Green, it certainly is not. Inglot #138 is actually more green than Euro Green and doesn't have the multicolored micro glitter the Borghese has. I'd say it is more of a slight duo because I do see flashes of yellow.

Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pen - Green Chrome (indoors without and with flash)

This frosted true metallic mint green is amazing. This was one coat while others needed two, three and sometimes four coats and it dried super fast. it doesn't rely on shimmer or glitter for shine.

Essie Mint Candy Apple (indoors without flash)

When I see this color, I think of creamsicles. A perfect creamy mint green , funny enough it has a very slight robin's egg look in some light and angles. I don't use it as often because it tends to go on a bit streaky but I do love the color.

And there you have it, these are the greens that are currently alternating on my nails. Who know, next month might be blues.


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