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Incoco Dry Nail Applique - A Revolutionary Nail Polish

It's been a while but sometimes life happens when you're not paying attention. Speaking of not paying attention, I don't know how I've never discovered Incoco Dry Nail Enamel before - shame on me! Oh my goodness I'm in love. If you're not already familiar witht his nail brand then get acquainted quickly, it's a vital addition to your wardrobe. Incoco is not your typical nail polish, like I said (and wrote in the post heading), it's a dry polish but please note that it IS 100% nail polish. This dry nail polish applique is real nail polish on a pre-cut strip that you can just peel, apply and go.

I mean, look at my gorgeous nails below. the above photo of the strip translates to the beauty below. i am so on trend with my animal print nails known as Cat's Meow, a glitter based polish. This polish is also a 3-in-1 manicure - it comes already set with base coat, nail polish color and top coat - what could be easier. There is no drying time and each application should last two weeks. The result is very smooth to the touch (yes even the glitter)

How does it work? As I said, its so easy. The hardest part is selecting a color. prep your nails as you would with any manicure, warm up the strip my rubbing it between your palms, select your nail sizes, remove plastic clear cover, then peel color strip, remove silver tab from color strip, then position the strip on your nail (make sure to smooth out creases - you can stretch the color stip to fit properly), file the excess off and you're done. Incase you need a visual, go to to check out the How to Apply video or photo.

Have fun.


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