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INTRODUCING: Sally Hansen New Nail Tools

I'm taking a short break from posting about nail polish to introduce you to some new nail grooming tools from Sally Hansen. I will go back to my last Fashion Week Nail story in my next post but back to the new nail tools. Sally Hansen for the best in beauty, now with the launch of an evolutionary new line of nail tools, the salon authority reinvents at-home grooming. Dynamic design meets foolproof usability for this range of safe, salon-quality essentials. With solutions for hands and feet, the all-new Sally Hansen Beauty Tools offer a total beauty system that will transform the category.

Nippers and Clippers: Neat nails and cuticles are a pretty-hand must-have. Tidy your talons and elongate nail-beds at home or on-the-go with these state-of-the art grooming essentials.

  • Conquer Your Cuticles Spring Action Cuticle Nipper: This sleek hand must-have cares for cuticles creating the appearance of elongated, well-groomed nails. One-touch safety lock and control comfort grip.($21.49)
  • Go Toe to Toe Barrel Spring Toenail Nipper: With its extra-strong blade, spring-action grip for comfort and control and angled blades for better visibility, this clips the toughest toenails with ease. ($21.49)
  • Nip ‘Em On the Go Travel Cuticle Nipper: This take-along nipper is sized for travel. Cut back cuticles anytime, anywhere for instantly elongated nail beds. ($13.49)
  • Ingrown Be Gone Ingrown Toenail Nipper Kit: Remove and smooth painful ingrown nails and put your best foot forward. With its straight blade with pointed tip, this must-have nail tool and toenail file help to relieve ingrown pain. ($19.49)
  • Nip ‘Em Neat Cuticle Control Kit: This double-acting nail solution cares for cuticles in two easy steps to gently prep and safely trim cuticles with precision. ($19.49)
  • Clip-n-Catch Control Grip Nail Clipper with Catcher: Say goodbye to jagged edges and hangnails with one quick clip. The Clip-n-Catch Nail Clipper features contoured handles for a controlled grip and a convenient catcher. ($4.49)
  • Treat Your Toes Control Grip Toenail Clipper with Catcher: Clip and cut the toughest toenails with ease. Clipping nails has never been neater with the convenient catcher. ($5.49)
  • Clean Cut Classic Nail Clipper: The Classic Nail Clip features “spoon-like” contoured handles for a controlled grip. ($3.49)

Nail Scissors: Skip the salon and nip, snip and clip nails at home to their most beautiful.

  • Cuticle Tamer Cuticle Scissors Ultra Fine Tip: Achieve cuticle perfection with the help from the curved precision blade and fine tip for clean and close cuts. ($12.49)
  • Finest Fingernails Combo Nail and Cuticle Scissors: This nail-saver works double time grooming nails and cuticles with its tapered curved blade. ($12.49)
  • Safe Snip Safety Tip Scissors: These rounded-blade scissors are safe for baby’s delicate nails as well as hard to reach nose and ear hair. ($12.49)

Nail Board: Meet your match. Choose the file that matches your nail type for a perfectly primped appearance.

  • Ahead of the Curve 2 Step Sapphire File: This double-sided nail file features a two-part smooth and shape system with medium grit on one side and fine grit one the other. Start with the medium grit to adjust nail length and shape then follow with the fine-grit outer curve for a perfectly smooth finish. ($4.49)
  • Handle Me With Care Fine Nail Board – The perfect filing surfaces for fragile nails. Professional size available in single and two packs. ($1.29 - $2.99)
  • Everyday Strength Medium Nail Board – The ideal filing surfaces for nails not too hard, not too soft. Professional size available in single and two packs. ($1.29 - $2.99)
  • Hard As Nails Coarse Nail Board – Tough stuff for hard nails. Professional size available in single and two packs. ($1.29 - $2.99)
  • Neaten Your Nails Garnet Boards – These gentle 2-step garnet emery boards shape and smooth all nail types. Includes professional and portable sizes neatly packaged in take-along case. ($2.99)
  • Nail Shaper Nail Boards - The ideal filing surfaces for nails not too hard, not too soft. ($1.29)
  • No More Ridges Nail Shaper & Buffer - Shape, smooth, buff and shine nails with this professional salon smoothing block. ($1.49)


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