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Nail Jewelry - Rings

I've discovered a fantastic way to camouflage my poor nail which was badly damaged in a slight accident while it very slowly grows. Nail jewelry is certainly not a new trend but I've never used the one nail ring I have for anything other than just decoration. Turns out, Nail Rings are the perfect thing to hide an unsightly nail while it heals (or in my case - grows).

I found this little gem several years ago - too long ago to remember but this beauty came in handy while I was doing my post new year nail polish. It definitely made me realize I need more nail jewelry in my life. Maybe I'll go for a few ostentatious pieces (if I can afford it). Anyway, below is the pairing of my nail ring with Salon Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Pedal to the Metal, a beautiful pale lavender silver.

So I am on the hunt for more nail jewelry and plan to feature them whether I am having nail issues or not.


  1. oh my gawwwsh! please oh please tell me where you got your nail ring...i am just discovering this situation and i want one in my life! like stat!

    i stumbled on a too expensive nail ring at style pantry ( and am not having luck with google on affordable classy lady options!

    puh leeeze! i would be so so sooooo grateful!


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