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Sinful Colors Holiday Minis - New Year's Eve Nails

We ll think about what we're going to wear and where we're going to party on New Year's Eve to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new but do you think about what you're wearing on your nails? Sinful Colors has Five Holiday Mini's: tiny holiday-inspired polishes which retails for a mere $.99 each that would compliment any New Year's Eve party dress

I tried out three of the five nail colors I thought would match my proposed color palette. As these are minis, there was no name listed but hopefully they will become available soon. Check out my swatches below, which do you like best?

This super rich and bold indigo is a definite eye catcher. When I had this color on, I definitely felt sexier - a major plus.

I would actually use this sheer silver as an accent color or even use to color block or just wear it on my tips with the above bold blue or maybe just reverse that thought ...hmmm

Anyway, I chose the gold because its goes with my 2nd choice or outfit for the celebration night. I think this pale gold shimmer would perfectly accent the pale beige shimmer blouse I was thinking f wearing.

What nail color are you going to be ringing in the new year with?


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