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Borghese Scintillare Collection

I've never been afraid of color. Especially when it comes to my nails (and shoes), infact the weirder, the better. That doesn't mean I never get in the mood for a pretty pink or vibrant red...not at all. As I state in my bio, I have no restriction to colors.

With that said, this blog will showcase my love for nail polishes, my love of them, my abundance of them. I will start with some glitter polishes I recently received from the company who's skincare division I work for - Borghese. Now I'm not writing about them first because I work for them, I just happened to be wearing a color from Borghese's newest collection - The Scintillare Collection (which means the sparkle collection). Tomorrow will be a post on a Sally Hansen purchase.

Out of the six colors you see above, there was only one I didn't like and that was because I just didn't like the color on me. Anyway, I took some swatches (forgive the rush job on some) of the colors. These were all done inside with a flash. The says just happened to be sucky weather days when I did these polish changes. Let me know which you like best. Also note, these colors (witht he exception of the Nero Black and Scintilla Magic were matte so I added two coats of the Borghese topcoat)



I pretty much loved everything witht he exception of the gold....I felt it looked too tacky on me but I've seen it on other people and its looked great and they loved it. As far as the Borgese brush goes, many people have complained about it being wide but I'm ot sure if I'm just used to it but it worked fine by me.

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